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    Layers and various actions not showing/taking effect unless I restart AE CC2015 (latest update) regularly

    RichHinchcliffe Level 1

      Up until recently I've been using After Effects CC2014 because I found the initial CC215 release very, very unstable with an incredible number of glitches that rendered it unusable for effective production work.


      Over the last month or so though CC2015 became more stable and it worked (mostly) fine.


      However I've just updated to the latest major version (version, and it's returned be been completely ineffective for actual studio/production work.


      FYI Adobe I'm running...


      • Windows 10
      • 32Gb RAM
      • Intel i7 4770k
      • Nvidia GeForce 760, latest drivers


      As an example of what doesn't work - i.e. "the most basic things"...


      • I have layers that are set at 100% opacity that aren't showing up in the comp window. They were the 5 seconds ago but as I scrub back and forth, they vanish - not to show again until I shut down and restart After Effects.
      • The same goes for keyframing almost all properties. It seems to be fine, but then although keyframes for position, rotation and opacity are clearly present, they animation in the view-port doesn't tally with what should be happening - at all. Things that should be animating aren't, and if they do, they're often wrong (i.e. a rotation of 50-degrees is previewing at nearly 200-degrees)
      • If I hit CTRL-Z to undo an action, the action is undone in the timeline which is great, but nothing happens in the preview.
      • If I delete an entire layer in the timeline, that layer is sometimes still visible in the preview. I can even scrub back and forth in the timeline and the layer which is now compltetly nonexistant is still there animating and previewing in the viewport!
      • Clearing/purging the cache has no effect on any of these issues - a full program shut down is necessary to get deleted layers to actually delete, or for a keyframe to be recognised etc.


      A project that should have taken about 5 hours is taking much, much longer because of the number of software restarts I'm needing to do to try work around CC2015's inadequacies.


      I'm not an After Effects novice - I've been using After Effects for years and have not changed my workflow. The things I'm trying to do aren't complex, yet AE CC2015 can barely render a layer in a simple composition.


      I have no idea what changes have been made to the preview engine, but it seems entirely screwed in this latest release.


      I love After Effects, I really do, but if there was an alternative at this point I'd be more than happy to give them my money instead.


      Back to After Effects CC2014 I go!