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    Copy and Paste Repeatable Subform Data (run-time content)

    michaelb67842115 Level 1

      I am needing to copy a subform with a button that is included in the subform in run-time not build-time. then paste it into a blank subform using paste button included in the subform. all subforms are the exact same layout and used addinstance to repeate them. 


      example: subform 4 has filled data, subform 5 has filled data, the data in subform 4 and 5 are not the same values. now subform 6 is blank and needs to look just like subform 4. In my mind, by clicking on the copy button in subform 4 and the paste button in subform 6 I can achieve a copy/paste solution.


      NOW how can I do this with JavaScript?