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    LiveCycle Design Apply 'Form rights', Net.HTTP.request

    johnbruso23 Level 1

      Hi All,


      It appears I can not use Net.HTTP.request (I'm using to ping our network to see if it is available or not) in my form that is read by Reader because it needs 'Form Rights' applied by another piece of software, Adobe LiveCycle. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/550113?tstart=0


      So, my question is, would I just open my existing form in LiveCycle, apply 'Form rights' to it, and save it out from there as a pdf or do I need to rebuild my whole form in LiveCycle? I'm not familiar with the tool at all and am trying to get a trial version of it.


      I might add, while adobe's JavaScript API mentions this Net.HTTP.request method needs form rights, it sure doesn't explain well that one needs LiveCycle to accomplish that... kind of annoying.


      Thanks for clarifying.