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    Why can't I place Nepali half-letters into InDesign?

    Cina Catteau

      I am using InDesign CS6, and I'm trying to place Nepali text. There are some half-letters, like the beginning of न्द or न्छ , which appear fine in Text Edit or Word, but when I place them into InDesign, I get न्छ.

      I have World Ready Paragraph Composer on, I'm using Arial Unicode MS and have tried other Devanagari fonts like Adobe Devanagari, and I'm trying the IndicPlus plug-in, but keep having this problem. I know the glyphs exist in the font, and I can change them manually by looking for the correct glyph every time, but for large amounts of text I would prefer to find a better solution.

      Any help would be appreciated!