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    Saving Lightroom 4 Catalogue isn't possible...


      Hi all,


      my problem: Lightroom can't save the catalogue.


      As far as "catalogue get's saved", everything seems fine. But - when it comes to "optimizing preview catalogue", the procedure stops by mentioning "While reading the preview cache, an error occurs. Lightroom needs to be closed. Lightroom will solve the problem at the next program start." (I hope, that's translated somehow correctly.)



      I'm clueless. My hardware is absolutely overpowering lightrooms demands. I already asked in some foto-forums but nobody had a solving advice.


      Since this is absolutely frustrating with zero progress - I stopped caring for the last 12 months. Well - now that I want to upgrade to Lightroom 6 , I need to be able to move all my setting (I did during the last 12 months).


      Thanks in advance for any helping hand.