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    Lightroom CC Catalogue Import malfunction

    Prasobh Allways

      I am a photographer from Netherlands who is also a member of Adobe Creative Cloud (Photography). In my busy schedules I used to send my photo files to my brother who lives in India. Till this October I was sending these files through different cloud file transfers. Due to the snail internet in India its a headache for him because of high size of my raw files. We were not aware about the facility of LR catalogues. After reading those tricks from an article, I bought CC (he is using also CC) to avoid this huge downloads. First I used the trial version of CC to send the files as a catalogue. I made a light room catalogue and send it to him. After the culling, correction and enhancements he send the catalogue with the corrected photos. Here i import those catalogue and export the final out puts. It was done perfectly when I used the Trial version of CC. Now for the new assignment I tried the same way. I have made a catalogue file for my 732 RAW photos which is actually 21.32GB. The catalogue folder created from this raw files sizes 827.3 MB where ".lrdata" sizes 816.6MB and ".lrcat" file sizes 9.1 MB. I have send this folder to my colleague in India and he tried to import it in his lightroom CC. but he is saying that the LR CC is asking him to locate the file. We didn't understand what's the issue is. Both the CC's are updated.


      Urgent help needed, Help will be appreciated.


      I am using new iMac and my brother is using Macbook Pro