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    Alert.show error

    FrankG ATL

      I have an Alert.show statement in a handler that is giving me an Implicit coercion of value error (1067). I can't find the problem in the code. The line where the error exist is marked below.

      Does anyone see the problem?


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          public function handleDelete() : void
          Alert.show("Delete Filter?","Confirm" (Alert.OK | Alert.CANCEL),
          null, null); // this is the line with the error

          I changed alertCloseHandler to null, and it has no error any more.
          It could mean you can not use such varible here, please double check it.
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            FrankG ATL Level 1
            Your right that worked. So I looked at it again and found there was a missing coma after "Confirm".

            Alert.show("Delete Filter",
            "Confirm", (Alert.OK | Alert.CANCEL),
            null, alertCloseHandler);