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    Transfer from one server to another

    LouieWarren Level 1

      I have an old HP ProLiant server with ColdFusion 10 on it.   The server is government provided and is running Windows Server 2003. It is agonizingly slow, especially via my company's VPN.  The SysAdmin at the office spun up a VM Windows 2008 R2 server for me and I'm in the process of transferring everything from the old server to the new one.   It is a development database.   I have downloaded and installed Oracle 11g on the new server, imported the old database and code.  Oracle allows you to download and use the software for free if it's a single user development machine.   I am under the impression that Adobe doesn't do the same with CF.   What is the process to transfer the license?   Since this project is at end of life, my government customer doesn't want to spend money on a new server, or any new software.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.