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    I can not install flash player, why?


      Hello to all
      I write because I have a problem with my Adobe Flash Player
      Force majeure had to install Zone Alarms I noticed that he stuck right in my adobe flash preventing me every installation or upgrade
      I would like to reinstall it, but I can already tried to remove it with the road application specific .exe (but does not solve my problem) I tried with the manual removal of the folders on your computer, but after you start the download and el 'installation I get this message. "Adobe Flash Player Initialization error of the 'application' and the only option I offer to finish the installation program
      What can I do? I have to format the computer (already included in the operating system automatically installs a much older version)
      I do not know which way to turn
      Thanks for your help
      I forgot every time you drive eliminates the exe file to the 'update is normal or happens because of me?