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    How to bind ASP Result to Combobox

      I am new in Flex builder. I have one page in Flex (One Combo box and submit button).
      I have one asp page.In that page i open the database connection and form the XML Result and return to the Flex.

      In Flex, how do i bind the ASP result to Combo box?

      give me example?
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          Richard_Abbott Level 3
          Hi Sethumail2000,
          I have a similar example - an ASP.NET page generates some fairly complex XML with (among other things) structure
          <various other bits>...</bits>
          <various other bits>...</bits>
          <ReleaseTitle>something else</ReleaseTitle>

          Then I have an XML object and a combo
          deposit_list_xml: XML
          <mx:ComboBox id='deposit_list' />

          and in the receive handler from the call to the ASP.NET page I have

          deposit_list_xml = XML(result from the call);
          deposit_list.dataProvider =

          Hope that helps
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            Sethumail2000 Level 1
            Hi Richard_Abbott ,
            Nice reply..

            same thing which i apply in my application

            var XMLResults:XML = event.result as XML;
            combo1.dataProvider = XMLResults.Cinfo;
            combo1.labelField = XMLResults.Cinfo.City_name;

            my XML is like