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    Lightroom 3.6 on Win 7 PC stopped fully syncing correctly


      Recently, my Lightroom 3.6 has stopped syncing all of my photos within the folder I selected. It has only started doing this within the past few weeks.


      I right click on the folder I want synced in Lr, then select "Synchronize Folder".

      Usually, it syncs all updated/new photos added to the folder on my hard drive. Now it syncs just a couple of the photos. I attempt to sync it again, and it adds a couple more. I sync again, and I'm lucky if it syncs the final jpgs.

      Right now, it can see there is one jpg that needs to be synced (in the pop up window after it calculates how many new ones, it reads "Import new photos (1)"). I click the "synchronize" button and it looks like it's working on the top left of the screen, then finishes. Still no photo. I can see it on my hard drive with all the other jpgs that Lr imported after multiple attempts. I tried selecting the "Show import dialog before importing" box, which it showed me the photo that I want imported into Lr, but still when I select "import", it doesn't import it.


      Also, every once in a while, when I attempt to sync, the loading bar on the top left of the screen gets stuck. It looks like it's nearly finished, but if I leave it there for an hour to sync like 10 jpgs, it still won't budge. This isn't as often, but still happens.


      Any way I can fix this?


      Lightroom version: 3.6

      OS: Win 7