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    How to go from Premiere Pro to Premiere Clip


      Is it possible to do a reverse workflow of starting a project in Adobe Premiere Pro and the exporting a XML of a sequence and the related media into Premiere Clip???

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Emir,


          At this time there's not really a reverse workflow in place. You can export your Premiere Pro timeline and save it to Creative Cloud. From there you can import the exporting sequence into Clip via 'My Files'.


          Hopefully this workflow will help you.




          Peter Garaway

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            Mau7rice Level 1

            I was about to post the same or similar question. It would seem like a serious oversight for Adobe not to consider that for one reason or another people would want to do the opposite workflow also. I'm was just thinking to myself that I'll be back in college classes soon and I would like to be able to access and work on my projects I started on my laptop or desktop at home and continue them while I'm on the go.


            For people driving this wouldn't be safe necessarily, but those of us carpooling or using public transit that time in between would be more useful and productive if we could continue edits on a project, maybe even export while we are in transit from A to B. So if the outstanding people at Adobe aren't too terribly busy make both workflows possible: from mobile to desktop/laptop as well as desktop/laptop to mobile.


            Hopefully you guys at Adobe are working on making Premiere Clip available to Android tablets as well. I was glad it was finally released for Android, now I personally would prefer more real estate to work with via my tablet.