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    Image.source in ItemRenderer works in Windows but not Mac

    Sid The Squid
      I have a Flex (AIR) application that is giving me problems on the Mac. In one of the
      Datagrids, I am using an ItemRenderer with an image control. Some code in the
      "set data(value:Object)" function assigns a file path as the source of the image
      control as follows.

      imgThumb.source = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath("pdqtemp").nativePath +
      "/" + data.strJPGFileName;

      This works correctly in Windows , but not on the Mac.

      In this case, the path resolves to the following on the Mac.


      I have verified that the file is in the right place and when using the path in
      the command line console, it correctly addresses that directory and file. I
      don't normally develop apps for the Mac so I am sure there is something I am

      Any ideas?

      Thanks for your help.