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    Light Room CC Tether on Nikon D810

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      Hello Fellow Lightroom Users,


      Capture One version 9 is out and it is kicking Lightroom where it hurts the most.  Users are running away from lightroom because of all the issues that remains unresolved.  For Example, I am an avid user of Lightroom and use my Nikon D810 to shoot in my studio; however, when El Capitan came out, I waited for about one mont to make sure that the bugs were out and all the drivers were available.  Then, I upgraded my Mac.  WOW, to my surprise, I am no longer able to tether my Nikon D810 from Lightroom.  What the heck?  How long is it going to take for Adobe to patch this useful area?  Hey, they do not seem to care because they launched a fiasco version that they had to retract because they removed a key component for IMPORTS that we all love.  I am not sure what the Execs at Adobe are doing, but they sre are dropping the ball recently.  Maybe they no longer need our funds because they are already milking our monthly Fee for the subscription.  My students are also disappointed because they all shot Nikon and they all have MACs with El Capitan.  Thanks good ness for Capture One.  They are on point and their processing engine is getting better then ever.  They do not have two screens (Library & Process) to worry about.  I hope the folks at Development get this simple little connector out soon, because I am getting used to Capture One and might not go back to Lightroom if I do not have to...