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    xtools 2.3 released

    xbytor2 Level 4

      xtools v2.3 released and can be found here: ps-scripts - Browse /xtools at SourceForge.net

      Here are the most recent changes:


      Added support for sidecar xmp files in XMPTools.


      Added getDocumentTable to get the color table of an image in


      Added new error codes to PSError.jsx and localized strings.

      Added isCC2015().


      Miscellaneous fixes for CC2015 including a problem with


      Added a large number of ZStrings to psx.jsx.

      I18N work on FileSavePanel.


      Fixed "ICCProfile" in XMPNameSpaces.jsx.


      SLCFix - now handles multi-line strings and checks to see
      if a match to /id/ matches a previously mapped variable name.

      Changed ActionXML Largeinteger to LargeInteger.