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    Camera Raw images too bright


      When I open and work with images in camera raw, they are too bright.  This just started happening about a week ago (I was also gone for a week, so it may have been a 2 week problem)  If I adjust them to correct exposure in Camera Raw, they are way too dark in PhotoShop (All most recent CS6 versions) on Windows 7 OS.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi CaroSueRich


          Have you updated Camera raw to version 9.1.1?

          Also post a screenshot of :-

          • Camera raw Preferences (Accessible from Edit>>Preferences>>Camera raw /Photoshop>>Preferences>>Camera raw(MAC)
          • Camera raw window with basic Panel




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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If this does not carry over into Photoshop, the problem is in the display color management chain on one of the two apps. Perhaps a look at the histogram could tell you which one is correct.


            Are you using a calibrator for your display? If so, rerun it, and try different settings (notably v2 not v4, and matrix not LUT).


            If not, it could be that you have received a defective display profile through Windows Update. That happens a lot. The simple way to check this is to set up sRGB as default display profile in Windows color management.


            Another possibility is a GPU problem. Try to disable it in preferences, in both apps (is it available in ACR for CS6?)