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    GetNetText finding HTML not finding PHP

      Can someone please help me figure this out?

      I am trying to use GetNetText() to read a PHP file on a new externally-hosted domain.

      GetNetText() will successfully read HTML files from this domain.

      GetNetText() will successfully read PHP files from other domains.

      BUT: When I try to GetNetText a very, very barebones PHP file on this domain, I get no result and a NetError() of 4165 (object not found.) The file, of course, displays perfectly in any browser.

      Are there particular elements that are required in a PHP file to make it decipherable to GetNetText()? Is this some sort of network configuration issue? Any other ideas?

      Thanks hugely and epically to anyone who can help? I'm befuddled. In my defense, I am also quitting coffee this week.