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    Problem with data merge using Avery label template


      I use indesign for a basic mail merge for my Xmas card labels. Every year it worked perfectly...

      This year for some reason, when doing a data merge (and requesting a preview with multiple records) in a blank document it works just fine.

      As soon as I try it in the template the preview disappears and it just shows the first record.

      I then tried exporting the template as image and just placed it behind and even on its own layer... Hoping to just use the template as a visual guide... but the preview does not work either.

      Basically I can't have anything in the document for it to work. But then I have no assurance about spacing for it to hit the 30 labels/page on point.


      Has anyone else had these issues?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          When doing multiple records per page the preview is buggy. Either don't use the preview at all, or immediately undo after, then do the merge.


          If you've already used preview in your template it is now useless and needs to be replaced. You can copy your placeholders to a new template file. I'm not familiar with the Avery templates, but I suspect they are not meant to be used with a multiple records per page merge. Multiple record merges require exactly one set of placeholders in the upper left corner, and the other instances will be duplicated according to the margin and spacing settings you specify in the merge options. Anything else other than guides guides on your page is likely to cause a problem.

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            HATDAD Level 1

            Thank you so much Peter for the correct answer! Basically it doesn't work and is broken. SMH.

            Per your instructions, I entered in the margins and made sure the place holder was the same dimensions as the actual label, centered the text horizontally and vertically and then it worked.

            Thank you again Peter and happy holidays!