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    Request for Help

      Would somebody please try this simple test to confirm it is a problem with Flash -
      or maybe it's me? It's a pretty simple test:

      Make a dynamic text field box on the stage and call it my_txt. Make it big enough to display
      "Green background with red border"

      Now set some properties in frame 1 as follows:

      my_txt.border = true;
      my_txt.borderColor = 0xff0000;
      my_txt.backgroundColor = 0x0cfd97;
      my_txt.text = "Green background with a red border!";

      Now test the program and the field should display the text with
      a green background and red border. OK, so far?

      Now please let me know if you can now print out this text using the
      Flash Print function. Right click on the movie and select Print.

      Can ytou get the border and background to print? Thanks.
      Sorry my English!