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    Navigation Trail

      Hi All,

      This post was posted in the wrong slot (FORUMS : RoboHelp for HTMLHelp). There has been few replies. Thread link - http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=65&catid=449&threadid =1213242&enterthread=y

      Please help.

      Working with RH X5 generating WebHelp.

      I searched both Peter and Rick site and this forum but didnt find something similar to my needs..pls help

      What I want to do is.. I want to create a Navigation Trail like below on my help output.. either on the Topic or the toolbar..anywhere..

      Home>>Welcome>>Login>>Change password>>

      So looking at the above what this would mean the user went from Home to Welcome then to Login..and etc..and clicking any of the above links it would take him to that page.. e.g. If the user is in Change Password Topic and wants to go to Login page,simply clicking the Login link from the above would take him to that page.. So visting any help topic would display how the user got there.. e.g Hosted Exchange>>Add Hosted Exchange>>Remove Hosted Exchange...

      Is this possible? Please help..

      Thank you
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          MergeThis Level 4
          Sorry, but I guess I wasn't clear in my reply to your other post.

          I didn't mean for you to post this again, in this forum, because it appears that you got the help you needed.

          I only meant it as a suggestion to pick the correct forum on your next posts.

          Good luck,
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            Roger N Level 2
            Kewal -

            The script must accurately reflect your site layout, and JavaScript syntax can be somewhat uncompromising.

            Can you post your files somewhere, where we can troubleshoot the problem? We need more information to diagnose any issues you might be having.
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              kewal_tech Level 1
              Sorry for re-posting.

              Well Roger thank you for your reply. Do you need the .js files only or any other files? And I can email you the files, or please suggest another way. OR I can paste the details here..

              Thank you lots,
              Have a great day
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                Roger N Level 2
                Everyone's being too darned polite around here, if ya ask me.

                I'm not much of one for rules, and I've broken my share of them, in, and un in tenshunally... I apologize to everyone.

                So, Kewel -

                To start, we need:
                1. the path of several actual html pages, in different directories
                2. posted contents of your .js file using the Attach Code button.
                3. I forget what else....
                ...but that should be a good start.

                It would also be good, if its not too late, to build your directory names without spaces.
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                  kewal_tech Level 1
                  Will do this shortly. Thx for your help.