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    few easy questions

    jaimon_jaimon Level 1
      hi :-),
      i need to check something before item is deign rendered and if my check is true to display it differently...like update in java
      1) what is the function that is being called before the any ui item is displayed ??

      i want to create an new component, from what i know i need to wrap it with something box canvas ...
      2) is it possible to create a new component with out it to be wrapped with something that has graphical presence ??

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          ntsiii Level 3
          I'm not sure I understand you correctly.

          Are you looking for events? preinitialize is the earliest one I know of off hand, then initialize, then creationComplete. There are others.

          However, that does not sound like it will help with what you describe. Give me an example of what you are trying to accomplish.

          For question 2, are you trying to create a component that has NO graphical presence? If so, then yes, you will need to create the component using Actionscript. Depending on what functionality you do or do not need, you can extend a component, implement an interface, of create an entirely custom component.