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    Master text threading produces unexpected results over multiple frames / pages



      I would like to achieve the following: have two (primary) text frames on a master page with text flowing from frame A to frame B (page 1) and then to frame A to frame B (page 2) etc.


      So I put two frames on a master page, link them and set them to primary frame. After I insert some pages using the master, the following happens: page 1 is correct but after page 2 indesign starts linking not the desired but the corresponding frames, going first till the end of the master page range and then coming back all the way, so that the following sequence is created (the number designating the page number and the letter the frames):


      1A - 1B - 2A - 3A - 4A - 4B - 3B - 2B


      whereas the desired sequence would be:


      1A - 1B - 2A - 2B - 3A - 3B - 4A - 4B


      As far as i have seen, Indesign allows only one primary text frame / set of threaded frames per master spread, so it would be natural to expect that it correctly links the out port from page n to the in port of page n+1. That's why i am not sure if it is a bug i am facing or did something wrong.

      Using CC15 with latest updates (as of 4 Dec '15) on OS X.


      Any suggestions are appreciated.