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    Colorizing Linearts or Greyscales for a Data Merge

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

      I have recently encountered a Data Merge where lineart images - each of them unique - had to be colorized.


      This is not as simple as colorizing the object within the variable image frame - when merged, the resulting ID/PDF files revert to their black and white colour. This also applies to greyscale images.


      The solution would be to run a Photoshop action to colorize the images themselves, but considering that some merges may have hundreds or thousands of images, that isn't always practical. It can be overcome with scripting, but I'm after a low-tech solution without having to write that script.


      Does anyone have a solution how variable lineart or greyscale images for Data Merge could be successfully colorized WITHIN INDESIGN using blending techniques or a swatches feature that I've missed?




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