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    dynamic site listing


      We want to use the PDF Format in order to realize a user manual, which describes a web application. As this application is highly dynamic and can change on a relative small timeframe, we want to know if adobe acrobat pro can handle a dynamic directory. which means in detail, when we imply a link in our application, which leads to a certain site in our created user manual, is adobe acrobat pro able to maintain correct links after we may have added or deleted sites in our manual? In addition is adobe acrobat pro capable of renumbering automatically, or do we have to maintain the directory by hand when updating the manual?

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          Perhaps the question is "Can PDF support ...?" -- Keep in mind that PDF is not an authoring file format. You may want to obtain ISO 32000-1 (the ISO Standard for PDF) and review it to see if the fundamentals of what is PDF supports your goal.

          As for PDF development you may want to spend time with the Acrobat SDK.


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