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    Need help with Catalog creation

      I have a catalog of 500 item I would like to sell over the web . This catalog is in a PDF format with graphics and text . How can I get into contribute and add the paypal cart buttons. I am trying to eliminate the need of recreating the catalog when it is all already created and shoud be able to convert for use in contribute. any help would be appreciated . If contribute is not the product for me let me know that as well. The catalog was created in illustrator and saved as a PDF file (if this helps)
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          If you have the source design in Illustrator - you might want to use Dreamweaver or GoLive instead, so that you can insert your graphics and text elements using layers and hotslices. Contribute can then be used to manage your site content. For a simple site design, you can incorporate existing sample templates in Contribute, and then add the paypal shopping object to them. Since you have the graphical mockup in Illustrator this should be two ways to approach your catalog to web design.