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    Key enhancement to Data Grid

      We are looking for a tool to do dashboards -- highly summarized and interactive screens that show how our company is doing. When I compare Flex and BusinessObjects XCelsius, it seems that, with the current Flex functionality, that XCelsius is the clear winner.

      The biggest issue is the amount of work I need to do for data manipulation. Our paradigm is to send Flex (or XCelsius) a single file of data (in XML) and have the various controls it presents read this data and display it. The data can be summarized in a variety of ways.

      It would be great, and perhaps deal-making, if the Flex data grid object could automatically summarize data. For example, if my data is sales by day, and I have a field for the month and year, if I only included year on my grid, I'd like it to roll up all rows that have the same year to a total.

      In addition, I'd like the grid to do crosstabs. If I tell it I want year in the column headings, I'd like it to automatically show each year in the data, along the top of the grid.

      XCelsius makes you play with Excel to get this to work. If Flex could do that, it would be a big help. Thanks in advance for any thoughts from other forum members on this.

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