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    tables are invisible in cc


      i am having a hard time wrapping my head around the changes in cc from say cs6. an example is if i insert a table, i dont see the outline of it. i have to predict where the cells might be, click them, and then i see a thin blue outline. is there a setting i can change to make this behave more like the older versions?

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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Switch to Design View, the little arrow up by Live in the toolbar is a dropdown menu allowing you to switch. The Live View editor in CC isn't quite "fully functional" yet (though it's much better than it was when they introduced it).


          If you don't have the arrow, you'll need to modify the fluid grid css you're using in order to get it back.


          Close all other files, open the Fluid Grid's css and add the X shown below:



              Dreamweaver Fluid Grid Properties


              dw-num-cols-mobile:     X 4;

              dw-num-cols-tablet:        8;

              dw-num-cols-desktop:    12;

              dw-gutter-percentage:    25;




          Then save and close the file.


          Restart DW and you should have Design View from there on out on any files using that fluid grid .css file.