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    JMS Durable Subscriber

      Are there any good examples using JMS Adapter and durable subscribers ? I tried providing unique id's when the consumers subscribed. But when a client goes away, and then subscribes again (with the same ID), it doesn't seem to get any of the messages it "missed".

      Are there any settings I need to make to my config ? I use auto-acknowledge presently. The config. works as-is, with the same JMS provider, but just doesn't seem to handle the messages missed.

      This is using ActiveMQ, running in Tomcat. And the out-of-box JMS Adapter.

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          Mete Atamel Level 1
          Did you check the messaging-config.xml file under resources folder that comes with the FDS? It should have some durable destinations examples.
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            cump Level 1
            Yes, thank you. I may have missed something, but the JMS example I saw didn't seem to have anything specific for durability. The "<server><durable>" tag, if I understand the documentation correctly, would be overriden by the JMS setting.

            Also, this is FDS Express, which we are using for evaluation. But I don't think there are any restrictions in regards to functionality, besides single-cpu.

            I have seen my ActiveMQ/Tomcat install support durable subscriptions in a Topic, using JMS/java clients. So I am still wondering if it is my FDS configuration or the JMS adapter.