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    Changing out Hard Drives where files stored, how to make sure no problems with catalog

    El_Jeffe Level 1

      I'm replacing the 3 TB drive (and the associated backup drives) that hold all the image files on my Mac Pro with a 5TB drive.


      The drive only has the image files on it. The catalog and previews stay in the Pictures folder on my main system drive.  I formatted the new drive in an external hard drive enclosure, then used Super Duper to copy the image files from the old 3TB HD to the new 5TB hard drive. Now I'm ready to install the new 5TB HD in the computer and link the catalog to it, but want to make sure I do this correctly.


      This drive has 81,000 image files, cataloged into 15 "buckets", each "bucket" holding approx 15 job folders, so I obviously want to make sure I don't have to link all those folders by hand. 


      What's the best process to do this so I have no issues with the catalog knowing the new location of the files?


      Mac OSX 10.10.5

      Lightroom CC 2015.1