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    Headings are bookmarked automatically


      My version is

      I have several projects and finally merge them.

      To link a heading of a topic in a project, say project 1, from some where in a topic of another project, say project 2, I bookmark a heading in project 1 and then in project 2 I inset link to that bookmark. Having done that, two things happen:

      A) All headings in project 1 are bookmarked automatically and the one I did manually, gets another bookmark. For every link to a bookmark in project 1 form another project, a new bookmark is added to all headings in project 1. It does not happen if link to a bookmark is done from the same project, as it is supposed to be the case.

      B) I Insert Topic TOC in every topic and set it from heading 2 to 2. When I open project 1 in design view, all heading 2 are shown beneath Topic TOC, but it is not shown in preview of project 1. When I generate output, Topic TOC is shown in project 1.