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    design view FB 4.7

    eduardo12fox Level 1

      Hello guys,
      My company , we have developed apps using Flash Builder 4.6 but would like to update our licenses for 4.7 but are very dependent on the design view we love to use this tool . The Adobe plans to return to the design view in other versions or even enable on FB 4.7?

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          Tucsonjhall Level 1

          They're not going back but you can still use 4.6 design view with the latest Apache Flex framework. In the flex-sdk-description.xml file for the latest framework, change the version parameters to 4.6.0. It'll open fine in 4.6 then. However, I only go back to 4.6 when I need  to position something or really have to see what things look like. Otherwise, I stay in 4.7 because it's 64-bit and just handles things smoother. No problem going back and forth. Just shut down 4.7 and open 4.6 when you need to see something, then go back to 4.7 to get a more responsive interface when you're just coding.



          <name>Apache Flex 4.14.1 FP18.0 AIR18.0 en_US</name>