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    Loading a text file from a relative location in shockwave

      Hi all

      I'm REALLY sorry I have to post about such an inane problem. I've googled this and looked in forums and found several suggestions but none of them are working for me. I want to load a text file from the same directory as my movie. I can get this working in authoring mode, in a projector, and in a shockwave movie on the local machine (using getNetText("/text.txt")).

      But when i put the shockwave movie on a server, it does NOT work. The macromedia documentation says that getNetText works with relative URLs. But when I put in the full URL, it does work, so obviously the shockwave movie is having a problem finding the text file which IS in the same directory as it.

      Any suggestions / ideas? All i want to do is access a text file :)

      Sorry again for such a lame problem