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    Interactive PDF map

    joet082964 Level 3

      Using a map something like this, I need to show the respective contact person, their photo and relevant contact info for about 60 people, with interactive PDF as the distribution method to just a few internal people.

      The idea is to click or hover a dot, and you get the contact info. My first thought is to create a contact panel for each person, then use show/hide functionality, but that seems very tedious for so many occurrences. I do have a system set up to create all of the contact panels. Just wondering of any tricks to minimize this process. I've never created an interactive PDF, so any advice would be appreciated.


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think it would have to be created one-by-one using Show/Hide buttons. I've never heard of a script or an automated way of doing it although I could be wrong.

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            John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'd say you're on the right track using show/hide. In terms of execution, I think you could keep it operationally tidy by setting the show/hide actions for both hover and click (hover shows it 'momentarily' on a rollover/roll-off basis, click makes it 'persistent,' so the user can copy text and/or click a url or email address), and setting the contact panels up in a single stack so they all appear in the same location on the page (one at a time, of course), preferably off the map so as not to interfere with pointer movements and their effects.


            This might get tedious if you do it using only InDesign button features. Do some research on "show/hide in Acrobat using Javascript". It'll still be a considerable amount of work, but perhaps easier to keep it all straight.

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              joet082964 Level 3

              Thanks John, but I am not Java-enabled.  LOL


              How can utilize a hover state and a click state in the events?  Seems only one is allowed.


              After doing a little testing, here are my issues:


              1.  I created the John Doe info panel and, to minimize layers later and to utilize show/hide, I grouped the photo, address, and bounding box, then made that group a button. I wanted his name to be a mailto: link and added that hyperlink to the text before grouping and creating the button that contains John Doe's info.  The hyperlink on his name does not work and that text is not selectable. This would be the preferred method so I wouldn't need a separate mailto: button.


              2. To get a mailto: link, I then used the envelope icon a button separate from the info box and it works, but having that will dramatically increase the show/hide visibility steps. I found that I had to have that icon on a different, higher layer or it was ending up behind the info panel, even after I made sure it was above all other items when on the same layer.


              3. The mailto: icon works, unless if I click the info panel first - as seen in this screenshot.   I have to deselect by clicking away, then re-clicking the mailto: icon.


              4. I tried editing the John Doe text in Acrobat DC to apply the hyperlink there but I'm guessing since it is a button, I cannot select the text to apply a hyperlink.

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                Pickory Level 3

                You might be able to use a multi state object and get your buttons to 'go to state'.



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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Not in a PDF.

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                    Frans van der Geest (ACP) Adobe Community Professional

                    Multi State Objects do not work in a (interactive) PDF. You will have to create show/hide buttons: make the pin the Show Button and the personal/adress etc ppo up itself the Hide button (maybe add a visual X close box, group and make that the Hide button - so let it hide itself).

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                      joet082964 Level 3

                      Thanks Frans.  I think I am good on the showing and hiding part.


                      My real challenge is to get the hyperlink applied to the text to actually work. It seems that turning it into a button makes it lose it's link.