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    $19 a month for a year ?


      When I purchased the $19 monthly subscription I did not realize it was for a year contract. It is not advertised that way at all. Of course in the tiny print it mentions it is for a year. The only reason why I purchased it was because I subscribed to the trial version and used it to create a lot of documents. My boss didn't want to pay the high price of it so after my month trial I went back to using my old version that I had installed on my computer. Of course I was now unable to open the documents in I created in the new version  so I had just lost a lot of time. So, I thought a solution would be to buy one month of the new version so I could go in and save everything in the old version and call it good. Is there anyway I can cancel my subscription? Adobe needs to advertise clearly what exactly people are signing up for. I hope someone can work with me on this. Also, I can't not change my email/ usename. The email I have related to it is an old email. So when the year is up it will just renew if I don't see the email. Can someone please help me out. Thanks!