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    Merge module help files into parent help file

      Is it possible to create module help files and update the framework program in a seamless manner using RoboHelp? For example, customers have the framework installed and want to remove one module and add another module. Right now, the framework help file is pushed to the client and module help files are cited in the release notes as to their location on the server. Each help file is standalone.

      Can anyone offer a better way to present help information using RoboHelp?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          As you are talking about servers, I assume you are talking about a webhelp output.

          What you need is merged webhelp where each module is a child. When the help is installed your developers need to ensure the help for the appropriate modules only is installed. The appearance to the user will then be as if the help had been built with just those modules.

          You'll need to be careful about links between projects where the target might not be installed in some configurations. Either you need to avoid them or have a number of builds with conditional text.

          There's a topic on my site about creating merged webhelp.

          The other way to look at it though is if they have the help for a module that is not installed, they might see something that makes them want to buy that module.