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    After Effects CC2015 not visually refreshing

    Tom_01 Level 1

      Same problem here.


      High res PSD files



      Windows 8.1

      i7 5930K 3.5 GHz (OC 4.3 GHz)

      NVIDIA GTX 970

      32 GB RAM


      After Effects CC 2015.1 (Nov 30 update)


      AE Project Window does not respond when I make basic changes to layers, e.g. position (these are not even layers with DUIK--totally separate comps). Especially when I Undo, the changes are no reflected in the Project Window.


      For example:

      1. I move a layer 500 px to the right.

      2. I press control-z.

      3. Nothing happens in the project window.

      4. The numerical value of the position in the Layer Panel *does* return to the original value

      5. During playback, however, the the Project Window displays the layer moved 500 pixels to the right.

      6. Clearing the cache updates the the Project Window (but I can't work by clearing the cache every time I adjust a value)


      Aside from Undo, there are also other times with the Project Window does not reflect adjustments to basic properties of layers, it's very consistent with Undo.


      It's so bad that animations will still play even if I Undo the keyframes. I.e. there are no keyframes in the timeline, but the layers are still moving.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.