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    box size constant

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      Using In Design:  @Every time I change stroke or stroke position the box dimensions change.  How do I hold (lock) the box size constant?


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          Migintosh Level 4

          If you start with a 1"x1" frame with no stroke like this:


          …then add a 1pt stroke, it will get larger, like this:


          …which is what I assume your issue is. That's because it's adding the stroke to the center of the lines that make up the frame, so it's adding a half point to the outside of the frame, and a half point to the inside. If you use one of the other Align Stroke settings, you can have the entire stroke be positioned to either the inside of the frame or the outside. One choice will choke in the contents of the frame by the stroke amount, and the other will increase the frame size by the full amount of the stroke, instead of half the amount, as in the first choice. Here's a screen shot of the inside choice:


          …where the frame remains the same size.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Or open the Control Panel flyout menu on the right-hand end and untick Dimensions Include Stroke Weight. This won't change what is happening to the frame as described by Migintosh, but the dimension numbers you see will refer only to the frame and not the stroke.