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    Problems printing from Lightroom to Epson 9890




      I'm printing from Lightroom 5.6 to the epson 9890.


      It was printing fine this morning and then this afternoon it suddenly started printing blank paper (but printing correct length of paper).


      I can still print from photoshop to the 9890 so i know its likely to be in the Lightroom printing settings.


      The manual and web tutorials dont seem to cover this problem in much depth but i have followed their minor suggestions. I have also tried turning the printer and computer on and off. I have tried 15 variations and its blank paper each time.


      Either my "page set up" and "Print settings" (on the bottom left side of Lightroom window) are not correct or i wonder if it is something on the printing column on the right but i really cannot see what it could be. I have been printing easily for 1 year with them.


      Thanks in advance for any help.