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    LR6 CC - Non-Responsive

    02234bklug Level 1

      I installed LR6 CC about a month ago.  It worked fine out of the gate.  This past week it became non-responsive and continues to ask me to re-connect to LR Mobile.  I never have used this app, nor do I want to. Not sure if this has anything to do with LR being non-responsive.


      When I click on "Import" from the Library screen it will take me to the screen to choose my location to import from.  I picked "My Computer". It would open Finder and I could select the folder and the image would show in the view panel.  I would select the images that I wanted to import but it would never let me click "Import 48 images", it remained grayed out.  I forced quit and rebooted.  The next time it would be bring me to the Finder window and when I selected the folder and clicked import, it became non-responsive.  Force quit, reboot.  The next time when I clicked on Import from the Library screen it was non-responsive.

      It's like every time I rebooted it pushed me back one step.


      This is, by far, the most frustrated I have ever been with a program.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      System: MacBook Pro Mid 2012

      Processor 2.9Ghz Core i7

      Memory 8GB

      OSX Yosemite