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    "A system error has occurred" error message on iPad- changes lost


      I use Adobe Acrobat on my iPad to read PDF articles. When I am reading an article I highlight and annotate, but recently, when I stop scrolling or highlighting, switch apps or lock my iPad, when I come back to it I get an error message- "A system error has occurred". When I click out of the notice, it returns me to the menu where the rest of my documents are, but when I go back in to the document I was working on, all of my notes and highlights are gone. I have looked to make sure that both the app and my iPad are up to date on software, and they are. I have also attempted to restart my iPad to see if that will fix the problem, but it doesn't. This has happened on multiple files, so I do not think that it is one particular file that is the issue.


      I am running iOs 9.1

      Adobe Acrobat version 15.2.1 (131719)

      My documents are stored on the Adobe Cloud

      Mobile Link is enabled for the most part, but this last time it happened, it was not.

      When I log in to Adobe Cloud from a computer, my changes are not there either.

      I have not seen the Adobe Acrobat app crash and send me to the home screen.