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    Almost 100% disk usage

    Kurt M

      All of a sudden my disk usage goes sky high when I have an InDesign document within a book open. I am using Windows 10. I have been using InDesign since CS3 and have never seen a problem like this. I am using an Asus gaming platform and it has been working fine until the last few days. This started just after the last software update with the new splash page, but I don't know if they are related. The book I'm working has about 18 documents in it for the last six months and I've not had trouble before this.

      I have tried several steps:

      1. Reinstalling InDesign
      2. Reinstalling and wiping out all preferences.
      3. Shutting off the second monitor.
      4. In all cases, the only other open window is CC.
      5. As soon as I close the document, the disk usage drops to almost nothing.
      6. Multiple documents are behaving the same way.
      7. With the smallest documents, disk usage is about 50%.
      8. I've never before had a problem opening and editing multiple documents.

      Is anyone else having a new problem like this. The disk usage is so high that the cursor goes on and off, screens aren't drawing for a long time, etc.

      Very frustrating!

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          Kurt M Level 1

          After unsuccessfully trying different things and restarting several thing, I had to work on something else for a while. A few hours later I went to do a shut down and Creative Cloud stopped the shut down with this error message:


          The Exception Breakpoint

          A breakpoint has been reached.

          (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location


          Click OK to terminate the program.


          I clicked okay and the computer was able to shut down normally. I don't know if the InDesign problems are related to the Creative Cloud exception or not, but I plan next to re-install Creative Cloud.

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            Kurt M Level 1


            Now it crashed with no explanation.