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    Coding entries from different fields into one field




      I am trying following: Users will enter different values (only numbers) into different form fields of one form. At the end of the form they have to make a code out of some fields. The problem is that this has to be done manually at the moment. What I want to achieve is that during the process of entering a value in one field it gets automatically coded at the end.

      E.g. :

      The code at the end shall be 5 digits. The first one shall be a direct copy of a value of a form field.

      The second 2 digits say e.g. If the user enters a "1" in another form field the code will show "30"; if a "2" --> "31" ; if a "3" --> "32"

      The last 2 digits work the same like the one above only with different numbers...e.g. : "if a "5" --> "41" ; if a "6" --> "42"

      So...I have altogether 3 form fields where user can enter data. And the input of these 3 fields is coded into a 4th field at the bottom of my form.


      I hope this makes any sense what I am trying to tell you here and someone can help me.


      Thank you very much.