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    Photoshop Touch Universal App for Continuum for Phones on Windows 10


      Few days ago I bought a new Microsoft Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile which have the very useful "Continuum for Phones" feature that let you use Universal Windows App on a large screen and see them with the same interface they have when they are running on desktop environment, but the app is still running on your phone.

      With Microsoft Display Dock (or other dock from other manufactuer) you can even plug-in you mass memory USB devices.

      For my job I only need Word, a File Explorer, an internet browser and a besic photo retouching app with levels just like Photoshop Touch.

      I already have all the Universal App I need, but I still miss something like Photoshop Touch and there aren't PhotoshopTouch-like Universal App on Windows Store (at least with levels).

      If Adobe will decide to realise Photoshop Touch (or something similar) as a Universal Windows App, I can use only my phone to do anything, and plug it on a big screen, mouse and keyboard when I arrive in my office, without need to bring the notebook with me and with the usefulness to continue my work on the go on my phone because everything is already there with Continuum, without need to have multiple device and a cloud platform to sync files over this multiple devices.

      Is there someone here that want a Photoshop Touch Universal App for Windows 10 just like me?