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    sending Umlauts via AJAX

      Using Coldfusion MX 7.0.2, I encountered problems submitting Umlauts properly via AJAX to a CFM.

      The CFM page receives the Umlauts as not renderable and the #ASC( )# code returns 65533.
      So i checked #getEncoding("form")# and it returned UTF-8.
      I set the encoding to iso-8859-1 and - tadaaa - it returned the UTF-8 character for ü for example, which is: ü

      After spending some hours of testing how to resolve this, I am now just setting the form-data to iso-8859-1 and afterwards resetting it to utf-8.

      Still I am a bit confused of what exactly I am doing. Setting it from UTF-8 to UTF-8 in the end...?
      I tested the requests on the same server environment but with php, and always had proper results.
      Maybe someone has an answer to this.

      Workaround solution: