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    Curious about cross-posting

      A lot of people on these forums do not like it when an item is cross posted to different forums. I'm curious as to why this is the case. I work only with compiled help, so only look at the "RoboHelp for HTML Help" forum, though with SSL many questions in the "WebHelp" forum would be understandable even if I never produce WebHelp. It would seem prudent to me to cross post into a related forum to hit the widest audience so I wonder why I keep seeing admonitions not to cross post.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Hi John

          Quite simple. I answered the post in the webhelp forum. Let's say I did nothing more and left the other post unanswered. You then come along searching for an answer to the same question, you see the unanswered post , go to it and see no answer. You are then quite likely to give up if you don't spot there are two posts. To help you therefore, we not only have to reply to one post, we have to make a reference to the reply in the second post. I'd rather move on to another answer or my glass of whisky!

          The different forums are quite straightforward. RH HTML or RH for Word if it is a problem with production. HTML Help, Webhelp or Printed Documentation for problems with the outputs. The others are self explanatory plus there is General for things that don't fit or if in doubt.

          In your case, perhaps you should also look at the HTML forum as well?

          That's my reason why, quite apart from Forum rules asking that people don't do that.

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            Thanks. That makes sense, although when I search I find things in chronological order so would be less likely to look at any unanswered posts. I have completely given up on the "HtmlHelp" forum as it shows only one thread. On the front page it says there are 251, so I don't know what is wrong. Is it that way for anyone else?

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              HI John

              Here's my take on it. In addition to what Peter said, most of us view all the forum categories anyway. When folks cross post, we typically set about creating links from the duplicates to where the question is actually answered. This is an effort to assist those down the road. Those that Peter mentioned might give up if they search and find nothing. So there is an additional viewpoint.

              Now for the answer to your question about forum posts showing up. If you click the "Profile" link to view your profile, you should find another link on the profile page that is labeled "Personal Options". Click that link and make note of the number shown in the field labeled "Days back to view topics for". I think if you alter this number you will see more posts.

              Cheers... Rick
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                Thanks, Rick.

                It was viewing only the last 30 days but one message in 30 days doesn't inspire one to check that forum very often.

                One of the reasons I ask about this is that I am also responsible for our software's forums. I'm trying to encourage our users (there are only about 100 worldwide) to use the forums, where they might get help from another user instead of emailing me, who is likely to be in a very different time zone.

                It seems like the RoboHelp forums are very successful but that may just be the nature of help authors.