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    Develop mode not available, please click License this software


      Soo, I've only had Lightroom for 2 months, and I've got to say, I am NOT impressed. The editing opportunities are good, but I've had problems aaaall the time. Now it says that my Develop mode is not available and I have to sign in (though i already am!) and afterwards click "License This Software". First, I signed out, then I signed in again, but nowhere does it says "License this software". My payment has gone through, was taken just a week ago, and I haven't done anything else. It has happened before, and I just left it for a couple of days and then it went back to normal, but I dont have time to wait these couple of days. I've had several problems by my payment not getting through, cause suddenly, there is no card information that are correct at all. What the heck do I do?