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    Cannot connect - unknown error

      After following the procedure for creating a connection - right at the very end after I enter my name and email I get prompted:

      "Contribute has disabled your connection to this website because an unknown error has occurred. For more information contact the websites administrator."

      Any ideas what might be causing this?

      Everything was fine the last time I connected to the site (a couple of weeks ago). I thought that recreating the connection would solve the problem bit it hasn't.

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          I'm having exactly the same problems. We have a couple of sites configured with Contribute, no problems until a couple of weeks ago. Our systems administrator is looking into it as it seems to be something to do with user permissions on the server. I'll let you know if/when I hear anything back.
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            darthbagger Level 1
            Managed to solve the problem.

            I dont know which version you are using but I was using v.3.

            Here's what I did:

            Uninstall v.3
            Downloaded the 30 day free trial of v.4
            set up the connection (during which a similar error was found - something to do with administrative rights - except v.4 was able to overcome it)
            uninstall v.4
            re-Install v.3 again

            Now able to connect without any problems.