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    ScrollPane problems w/ content that grows at runtime

      I'm having a problem with the ScrollPane component. I have a ScrollPane containing a MovieClip from my library. The MovieClip grows in height during runtime as the user adds additional UI components to the MovieClip.

      Unfortunately, when the MovieClip's height exceeds the visible area in the ScrollPane, the ScrollPane doesn't seem to recognize it. The scroll bar doesn't appear, and I can't scroll down to see the rest of the MovieClip (the vScrollPolicy property is set to auto). It seems like the ScrollPane only checks the dimensions of the content MovieClip when it is loaded, and doesn't recheck it at runtime.

      Anyone have an idea about what's going on and how I can fix it? Is there a way to get the ScrollPane to recognize that its content has grown in height? Can I force it to recheck the dimensions of the content MovieClip somehow? Using the refreshPane() method doesn't work, because it causes the content MovieClip to be reloaded, which loses all of the UI components that were added at runtime by the user. Any help would be appreciated, as I'm pretty baffled at this point.


      Jesse Jenkins