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    How to manage error 109 + Object label badly formatted



      I am using Adobe Acrobat X, Ver. 10.0.0 with in a Windows 7 enterprise N, and 64 bits. The owner of this license is my company.


      After had introduced elements like: text, lines, forms, arrows, etc... In a pdf file, Acrobat do not permit me to save the file. It seems to me as if the document were swamped of information. Of course this behaviour it is habitual.


      The error showed is in the title of this thread: It is not possible to store the document. Problem to read the doc. (109). After, when I press the CTRL key, the system show me the "object label badly formatted". This is a translation because my Acrobat is in Spanish language.


      Of course I have tried to find a solution in The Internet,  but I couldn't find any answer working to me.


      I already tried:

      1. Save with a different name

      2. Close the explorer, before

      3. Hide the preview panel

      4. Save as an image to detect the page affected: no page affected.

      5. Others...


      Previously to have obtained the license from my company, after much insistence because of the price, I used Foxit reader. As you know this app. is for free; zero cost. With this app. I did not have problems to add: lines, text, forms, etc... Of course have other limitations, as you know.


      Really I might not understand to support this problem by one application so expensive


      Please, what could be the solution for this problem?


      Let me know, please, what is your position for this.




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          AadeshSingh Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Anton69,


          This means that one of the PDF files is corrupt, and unfortunately there is not much you can do about that. One problem with corrupt files is that they may seem fine unless you want to do something that actually requires that corrupt piece of data (in your case, you are trying to merge the files, which requires Acrobat to look at every single piece of data in both files).


          Your best bet is to go back to the generating application and recreate the PDF file in question. Oftentimes you can find out which file it is by doing a "Save As" operation. This also will have to revisit every bit of information in the file, and may tell you which file is corrupt. If that does not help, just try to regenerate both files. If that is not an option, you are forced to do something that is usually frowned upon: You need to refry your files(s). This means printing a PDF file to the Adobe PDF printer. This will convert the file to PostScript, and then back to PDF. This step will kind of destroy your PDF file and try to regenerate it from it's ashes, but that is a lossy process, and therefore should be avoided at all cost. So, try to refry both PDF files, and then try to generate two new merged PDF files:

          - original file A and refried B

          - refried A and original B


          One of these operations should succeed.


          If you cannot print, you can try to save the files as high quality TIFF image files and then run OCR on the resulting file, and then export to MS Word format (you can actually save the OCR step, because the export should do that for you). And then, convert the resulting Word file back to PDF. This may not be quite as good looking as the original, but should be close.



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            Anton69 Level 1

            Hi aadeshs76610910,


            Thanks a lot for your answer,


            I hope you were right! When told me that one of my PDF files is corrupt. My problem is a systematic problem, not a particular problem; affecting to all (nearly all) the files that I manipulate before by means of Adobe Acrobat tools.


            By the other hand, I am aware that my best bet will be to go back to the generating application and recreate the PDF file in question or, in a similar awful option, to reprint a PDF file by means of the Adobe PDF printer. Thanks again for your advice, for sure that in other circumstances, o may be for a different Acrobat user, would have been enough.


            The documents I manage/handle are in a business/professional environment. For me Acrobat it is the media by which I work with this documents: annotations, remarks, underlines, arrows, etc... If I lose my notes (reprinting), loose a lot of time.

            Moreover, for me it is indecent that this big and important company do not be capable to solve this problem by means of a more or less elegant solution.


            Please Adobe decision makers, I deserve a solution for this problem! Come on!!


            Thanks again for your reply.


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              Anton69 Level 1

              Is there someone form Adobe, please?

              How is it possible that Adobe can not solve this problem?. I have installed, again, Foxit reader and now is possible to read, modifiy and save the files; previously with Acrobat, impossible to save once modified.

              I am deeply disappointed with this problem. Please, one solution ASAP.

              Thanks in advance.


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                I thought that this issue had been accepted by Adobe as a regression in the Adobe DC Reader?


                Works fine in Foxit Reader, as you noted.


                I happened to take a screenshot of an earlier thread, which I now cannot find, where this was stated:


                Adobe issue.png