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    Photoshop CC not detecting nVidia Geforce GT 540M




      I see from the forums that this is something of an ongoing issue for a lot of people, but I'm currently struggling to find a fix.


      My laptop has a GT 540M as well as integrated graphics. Unfortunately I'm struggling to get Photoshop to recognise it in any way whatsoever. I've updated to the latest drivers and the latest edition of Photoshop, as well as done everything I can through my nVIDIA control panel to give Photoshop the permissions it needs. Unfortunately I still have no Open GL functions and Photoshop throws up an error on startup because I only have 32mb of vRAM - despite the card having (I believe) 1gb vRAM. When I try to change this within Photoshop the Dedicated Graphics section of the options is greyed out completely.


      I realise that this isn't the best GPU, but it's frustrating not to be able to use the new features of Photoshop. The card itself does appear to be working, and I can use the rest of CC without a problem (including Fuse and Cinema 4D).


      If anybody has any advice they can offer me it would be greatly appreciated.